The Ox is Back, Baby

Two things I love right now, room temperature
water in a Dodgers cup and Lorazepam.
What a difference 6 years can make. I'm not sure why I was never given the amazing anti-nausea drug Emend my first year of chemo, but based on my love affair with a yellow bucket my mother left next to my bed after every treatment, it was clear I wasn't.

I spent my first reunited romantic weekend with my old lover Oxaliplatin pretending we did nothing more than drink too many margaritas the night before and were meant to lay around the house all weekend working off a mild hangover. This is the way chemo should be. It was very much the way I managed those 3+ years on FOLFIRI - functional and alert, but not eager to wear normal clothes or leave the house.

With nausea kept at a minimum, and just slight bouts of klutziness that left me falling down the stairs just once, I deemed my return to the criminally hard chemo doable for as long as it does what it needs to do.

I know the drill with room temperature drinks and bizarre sensations (or lack their of) in my hands and toes. But considering my skin is well on its way to flawless and smooth, I'll take it. All in all I'd say each of my side effects makes me appreciate the other, and right now I am so happy to see a (sparkling) completion, (almost) healed fingers and feet, nails that have stopped oozing and falling off, and skin that doesn't resemble a dry lake bed.

The plan calls for chemo every 3 weeks. As I'm remaining on the oral chemo, its cycle dictates this one. My official chemo combination is called XELOX (Xeloda + Oxaliplatin), and for now we shall pretend to like each other.

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