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A young couple came up to me at the park while I was wrapping up Get Your Rear in Gear - Portland back in August. They had been out for a hike, and asked someone what our event was about. It turned out they had just lost a friend to colon cancer, and wanted to donate to our cause in his name. 

They proceeded to tell me about Live Moore Co., something their friend Matt had started after he was diagnosed with colon cancer at 32 - even pointing out a hat one of them was wearing with the logo. I came home and immediately went out in search of this Live Moore Co. they spoke of, and reached out. Within a day I'd heard back from Matt's widow Nikki, and knew that meeting in the park was kismet.

I'll let you read Matt's story as part of the Colon Cancer Coalition's Faces of Blue, encourage you to check out www.livemooreco.com, and of course want you to embrace Matt's message to #livemoore.

There continue to be far too many young people dying of this disease, and all because they are below the current recommended screening age, don't know the signs or symptoms, are written off when they do go to their doctor with concerns, and are clueless that they can even get colon and rectal cancer while young and healthy.

Matt's son Cullen is yet another child that will grow up only knowing their dad through photos and videos because of this damn disease, and that is a tragedy we must work to stop.

Read Matt's story here: http://coloncancercoalition.org/2017/10/11/faces-blue-matt-moore/

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