The Colon Cancer Podcast

A few weeks back I was interviewed by fellow stage IV colorectal cancer survivor Lee Silverstein for The Colon Cancer Podcast. As much talking as I do about living with metastatic disease and sharing of my story, I have to say it never gets old.

And not just because I like talking.

It never gets old because there are so many aspects over the 5+ years that individually breech someone else's own experience. Be it my postpartum diagnosis, my living long-term with active disease, my development of lymphedema, or my managing to (sort of) parent (mostly) well-behaved and well-balanced boys through it all.

But the one subject Lee wanted to talk about was one that isn't often talked about in the midst of crisis of any kind, and one I finally talked about a few blogs back - the impact cancer (or chronic illness or crisis) can have on a marriage. Be it the stress cancer can bring to an already stained relationship, or the realization that life is too short to be unhappy - the topic of marriage and relationships is one often swept under the rug when people are merely trying to stay alive.

I was grateful to have a chance to talk to Lee, and continue airing more of my dirty laundry in hopes that my story and my experience would let others know they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings, and struggles.

Have a listen.

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