Message in a Bottle

Today marks the day I got my last message from "Uncle Geoffy" two years ago. And in the spirit of our favorite rouge Brit, here's a recap of our annual trek to his beloved Cayman with my favorite fearless and future dive master.
On the water - where he belongs.
Just saw his first green morey while snorkeling.
He was born for this, and reminds me every time I drag him out in the snow that he's moving to the beach when he graduates from high school. 

Headed to snorkel over the USS Kittiwake. He will be able to get his junior open water dive certification next fall. 
Sting Ray City is still his favorite stop. The blob in the water would be one of those sting rays. The other blob would be Mick trying to force feed it squid.
Meanwhile, back in the real world, school has started. 
Heading out to Starfish Point, and like any good mother I make him do all the hard work.
Starfish Point - minus any starfish because visibility was so bad.

During his fall conference, his teacher passively (and slightly aggressively) asked if he would be missing any more school this year because of travel. I slyly asked what he meant by "this year." If he was referring to just 2016, maaaaaybe. If he was referring to the school year, I played coy. I think he was referencing a potential trip to Dubai I might have mentioned at the start of school, and the chance I might drag Mick with me.

It's not so much that I would be dragging him onto a 20-hour flight half-way around the world, but that Mick expects to go with me, as he expects to go on every trip I take. It's the price you pay when you are my adventuring companion.

And considering that I value experience and travel over anything school has to offer, the perfect attendance award will probably never be given to either of my kids.

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