Preschool Graduate

I once rolled my eyes at the parents who went over the top to celebrate insignificant milestones. But then that fateful day came when I wondered if I would be around to see any of them. Today marked what I still consider to be an insignificant milestone, but one that I celebrated like it was the sweetest of moments. Lachlan graduated from preschool.

Considering the kid can barely write his name, hold a pencil, draw something recognizable, or cut with scissors, I'm surprised they let him graduate. I also think they can't exactly fail you in preschool, so they have no choice but to send him on to kindergarten. He may lack the basics when it comes to fine motor skills, but he'll happily sit there and tell you all about the irukandji jellyfish, Goliath bird-eating tarantulas, or the 72 most dangerous animals of Australia in perfect, murderous order.

He has never been a motivated child, and has never in his life been in a hurry to do anything. Hopefully kindergarten will put a burner under his little butt.

I celebrated today because the attention and reverie made him so happy, but also because it is a day that I am here to see. Not that I doubt I'll be around for many more future graduations, but days like this always remind me that I am so grateful to be here for this.

I also celebrated today with too many moms not far from thought because they aren't here to celebrate graduations. The first part of this year has left me on the sidelines, watching moms that I may have only connected with through email or social media get the news that no one in our shoes ever wants to hear. As the end of the school year nears, I can't help but think of the moms that have had to say goodbye to their babies in recent months because of this (f*cking) cancer, and what any of them would have given to be here for even the silliest celebration. As I type this, I know that there is one family coming together today to say their final good-bye, and two kids who won't have their mom there to celebrate as they finish out the 3rd and 5th grade in a few weeks.

To me these little milestones are forever going to be worth celebrating, because I'm here to celebrate them.


Karen said...

Congrats to little Lachlan and to his Mommy. Each day a victory.

Carrie S. said...

Go Lachlan!!