Get Your Rear in Gear - Hampton Roads

Get Your Rear in Gear is coming to Hampton Roads for its inaugural race. For anyone that knows me or my story, I was living in the Tidewater (Virginia) area when I was diagnosed over 4 years ago. I spent my first 2 years of treatment there, so the area has an extra special place in my cancer journey.

Having a race there has nothing to do with my own personal efforts, as the events put on by the Colon Cancer Coalition are all led by local volunteers. But you bet I'm going to be there!

I'm bringing my little toe-headed pint-sized posse with me, too. Merrick will happily tell you all about your colon, the digestive process, and the purpose of a colonoscopy. Lachlan will just tell you poop jokes, make fart noises, and laugh.

If you live in the Hampton Roads area, know me, brought meals, watched my kids, sent cards, or supported me in any way during those first 2 miserable years,  I'd love to see you and have you join us at the race. I even have a team!

Sign up for Team Colon Cancer Chick and help me raise colon cancer awareness in Hampton Roads on Saturday, March 25th at Matterson Trail in Hampton.