Thanksgiving Eve Again

On Thanksgiving Eve 4 years ago, I woke up to a doctor telling me I had a malignant mass in my colon. I had no idea what malignant really meant, or that young people could even get colon cancer. I didn't even know if I would live long enough to see Merrick go off to kindergarten. Now here I am with a 2nd grader, defying the statistics, and living with my "good, stable disease." Happy Cancerversary to me!

I know many who will sit down today with one less person at their table this year because of this disease. I know many who are wondering if this might be their last Thanksgiving, as cancer runs rampant through their bodies. 

I don't want anyone to miss a holiday, a milestone, or a day because they didn't get screened or know the symptoms of this disease. On Giving Tuesday, help support the Colon Cancer Coalition in their efforts to raise awareness, promote screening, and educate people about a disease that is being diagnosed in young people with shocking frequency.

The Journal of the American Medical Association predicts that by 2030, the rate of colon cancer in young people ages 20 to 34 will increase by 90%, and rectal cancer will increase by 124%. Because young people do not fall within the recommended screening age, they are going undiagnosed. To be proactive, the Colon Cancer Coalition is doing what it can to educate and increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of this disease, and raise the profile of young people being diagnosed. 

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