Team Colon Cancer Chick - Twin Cities

I can't really start this off by saying "It's that time of year again!"

"This time" last year happened to be in May, and because of a major(ly exciting) change in venue to the Mall of America, Get Your Rear in Gear - Twin Cities is going to be in October. And Team Colon Cancer Chick is going to be there.

I'm only slightly more impassioned for the cause, as I now work for the Colon Cancer Coalition. If you aren't following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you're clearly missing out on all the hidden gems that I don't share on my personal social media empire.

I've started my team for the Twin Cities race, but feel free to join, donate, volunteer, virtual run, or participate in any of the nearly 50 other Get Your Rear in Gear events across the country. I see first hand how the money raised at each event gets used to raise colon cancer awareness and promote screenings in each individual city.

This is the largest colon cancer awareness event in the country, and I'm thrilled to be right in the middle of it this year.
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