Public Baldness

I have never been the type that enjoyed having my photo taken. I think it's for the same reason that I'm not one that really likes to go all out in celebration of my birthday. And why my few existing selfies have been used to illustrate a point, and not show off my ability to spend 40 minutes taking pictures of myself until I looked like I wasn't trying, by actually trying too hard.

I just don't like the attention.

Odd for a girl who writes a blog and spills all her dirty bathroom secrets, yes, but there's something to be said for hiding behind my words on what started as an anonymous format.

This same desire to avoid attention is probably why I have never walked around with my bald head in public. It's not that I was uncomfortable with my temporary look. At this point, I think I've lost my hair enough that I know how to roll with it in any situation. I just don't want to draw attention to myself, and I certainly don't want people to notice me. To each his own, should you be someone who is bald and proud.

So with great hesitation, I took myself far outside of my comfort zone and not only let myself be photographed for the purposes of public display, but let it be done with only a few weeks of that baby soft regrowth we all love to rub like a Chia Pet.

My face and head will appear on marketing material for a few Get Your Rear in Gear races this year. I'm sucking it up and taking one for the team here. Or rather sucking it up and doing whatever it takes to get people's attention about colon cancer. Or maybe just sucking it up because I do work for the very people putting on the race, so it's almost like I'm being paid to do it.

Regardless, it saved me from having to find some book on "self-growth" that's on the shelf by the bathroom at Barnes and Noble. Standing in front of a professional photographer's camera was growth enough.

I'm penciled in to be at the Boston race, should you happen to live there and want to come!

As you can see, I've somehow managed to grow hair while on Irinotecan, which is clearly a drug that has made me lose hair and keep it lost until I stopped taking it. This time around, it all fell out right away, and then I slowly started to get the fuzz. It's a mystery, and perhaps I'm the only one to manage such a feat while on the Destroy of Bowels (and hair follicles), but I'll take it. I'm already to the point to self-trimming my mullet, and applying hair gel borrowed from a 4-year-old that smells like a drunken coconut.

Photo by Laura Rae Photography - Minneapolis.


Karen said...

You look awesome--kind of like Sinead O’Connor. :)

Rushie & Zojji said...

girl... Ur gorgeous. These shots are a treasure. I know you said before that u dislike dalse compliments - and I respect that and would never give you one. But in his darn photo, you are simply gorgeous.

Sarah DeBord said...

Thanks! This was definitely out of my comfort zone. But whatever it takes to raise awareness.

CooperFreer said...

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