Chemo Phone Dump: Summertime Edition

It's time for my annual summer o' chemo phone dump. Also known as my life with cancer, as seen through my phone.
My caregiver.
Doors off and all my hair blowing in the wind.
Compression on and elevated during treatment. You can see
how my left ankle is slighter bigger than my right.

My sweetest boy doing the parade thing.

Dutifully taking care of me, and eating all the cookies and snacks they have
in the infusion room.
Multi-layer wrapped and elevated. Also known as the Mummy Leg.
Chemo buddy.
The engineer must understand how this machine works.
Won't do a scan without it.
Compression tight on. Leg elevated. Netflix on.
Giving my left leg a little more help with some pre-bed elevation.
Clearly the compression tight is helping to keep it nice and pasty during the summer.


Karen said...

The leg is looking good Sarah. Maybe a little fake tan to match it up to the other one :)

Sarah DeBord said...

I have the fake tan stuff, and swear by it. And should I ever had the opportunity to show off my left leg for a few hours out of compression, to the fake tannery I shall go!

Karen said...

I hope that time will come soon. :)

Carrie S. said...

The leg is looking really good! The boys are getting so big. You should make a song about your "mummy leg" to the tune of the "stanky leg". ha!