Smash Boob

Since I've always tried to be as proactive about my health as one can be when they are well informed, it was easily decided between myself and my newly assigned OBGYN that I should go ahead and jump the line a couple of years and get a mammogram.

No concerns or worries. Just taking care of business and getting a nice set of "baseline" images of the ladies while I'm young and not in any dire situation. I've always utilized preventative care (annual skin checks and pap smears) when it came to my own health - or at least preventative care I knew about. Had someone told me that I was at risk for colon cancer because of my family history, I can assure you I would have signed up for a colonoscopy immediately.

But more importantly, I was there. And once you've had parts of your lower body man-handled in ways you don't want to even know about (because you were sleeping so who cares!), a little boob smashing is child's play! Or so I thought. Apparently they can man-handle and position the ladies in ways even I didn't know where possible. Aside from my port being slightly in the way, it was quick, easy, and one less thing on my personal to-do list when it comes to keeping all the other parts of me healthy. And as with my most recent pap smear, it's always nice to get at least one healthy report back from a doctor.

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