3 Grateful Years Later

Thanksgiving rolled around again for me. It makes for an easily remembered anniversary. Or in my case, a cancerversary.

Last week I met with my future oncologist. After going over the preliminary history of my treatment, he asked what I understood of my situation. I knew he was just assessing how clearly I was grasping my reality.

I told him that I know I have a cancer that is treatable and controllable, but not necessarily curable. I know that ultimately this disease will probably end my life sooner than someone my age should expect. It won't be this year or the next, but I will probably run out of road much sooner than I should. I have never denied this, but have chosen to put it so far off into the future that it doesn't hinder me from living in the present.

3 years ago I wondered if I would see the next Thanksgiving. Now I live with no doubt I will see many more.


Karen said...

Good for you, Sarah.

I was surfing the net the other night looking for some info and stumbled upon a site for hypochondriacs. While I sympathize with their obvious emotional distress, it astounds me that they fret over such minor or even non-existent health problems when there are people, such as yourself, who are able to live full, productive lives in spite of real illness.

Many people need to take a page from your book, warrior girl!

Lahore Design Studio said...

You are a true fighter. You won your fight against cancer.I am inspired by seeing your courage. You have such a strong personality. More power to you.