My Pet Wig and the News

As I alluded to in my last blog, I ventured over to the Colon Cancer Coalition to participate in an interview with Channel 12 regarding colon cancer and release of Cologuard to the market.

Release the Kracken!

My wig behaved, mostly. But that Southern twang? Not so sure about that.

It was awesome to enter the epicenter of an organization that puts on 50 races a year to raise funds for colon cancer. 50! All over the country.  Don't have a Get Your Rear in Gear in your town? Then start one!

Thanks to Channel 12 and Delane Cleveland for taking the time out to raise awareness for colon cancer and the newest screening option on the market.


Karen said...

Great interview Sarah--and your "pet" looked wonderful.

I take it that new test is different from the FOBT test (which I really think is kind of a dumb one anyway.)...

Sarah DeBord said...

Thanks, Karen. I think Cologuard goes beyond just looking for blood in the samples, so much more accurate than the FOBT, and has the potential to catch changes earlier. But in the end, nothing beats a scope!

Carrie S. said...

Sarah - you did great! I didn't hear a twang! I never hear my "twang" until I hear a recording of me, then I shudder! lol. "Do I really sound like that," I think? Sigh. Of course. That's what makes me "me," I guess. :-)