Happy 50th

This week marks the 50th time I've sat in that overpriced recliner for an infusion. 50 big ones.

I'm not sure where I'm expected to put 50 rounds of chemo on my resume. And I'm not sure where it fits on my personal scale of gloating; somewhere between boasting and self-pitying disappointment, but there you have it.

And how is a girl like me expected to mark this personal milestone? With a box of Rogaine, of course. Doctor's orders.

Why yes, I do wear white after Labor Day.
It's been 9 weeks since my last FOLFIRI infusion, and I happened to complain to my doctor that my hair wasn't growing back in as quickly as it did last time. I even confessed to spending the last 3 weeks obsessing over it with a flashlight in hopes of finding a 5 o'clock shadow. Perhaps it's harder to tell since I still have some hair, but from the looks of it, there's no regrowth yet.

Regardless, my doctor had hardly finished his subtle self-confession about how well Rogaine works, when I jumped off the table and almost ran out the door to buy a box. I mean, I just heard a doctor's borderline endorsement of a product, did I not? Had it not been for that issue of People magazine waiting for me back to the infusion room, I might have forsaken treatment for my vanity.

And like any normal girl with an infusion pump in her fanny pack and a scalp coated in Rogaine, I had to throw on my favorite beanie and take the kids to Target.


Karen said...

After your 50th treatment, your treatment team sends you on all expenses-paid vacation to the destination of your choice.


Sarah DeBord said...

I wish. I think they should considering all the money they've made off me and my insurance company.

Carrie S. said...

Nifty 50!? :-/

You may try pre-natals, too. I know they usually kick started my hair when I took them when I was pregnant.

Sarah DeBord said...

Interestingly enough, Carrie, I'm suppose to layoff the folic acid. Though I've never been told so directly, I've read it conflicts with one of the drugs I've been getting from the beginning. I think the hair is slowly starting to come back, just not as fast or as thick as I was expecting. In the mean time, Rogaine, Rogaine and more Rogaine.