Expecting Joy

"It is amazing to live with someone who genuinely couldn't care less about Getting Ahead, someone who is absolutely committed to finding joy in the present moment."

As I read that sentence in my memoir-of-the-week, I had to stop and read it again. And again.

Though this book has no immediate relevance to my own life, that passage spoke the truth as I know it now. By changing just a few words, I knew it could easily turn into the mission statement of my life as I know it now. The one where success and things and image and perception and square footage and labels didn't matter quite as much to my vain self anymore.

When faced with the possibility that life might not be as long as you expect it to be, you have to find your raison d'ĂȘtre, you have to start finding happiness, and you need to start finding joy. It's a shame that it takes a major or tragic life event for so many people to stop "getting ahead" and realize that the empty things they chase will be just that in the end.

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