The Patch

In my recent quest to find a new nausea med that actually works, I've been prescribed this tiny little circle.

It wasn't exactly the patch I had in mind when I was trying to describe to my doctor the patch that a fellow patient in the infusion room swore by last summer; one that I knew was costing him over $200 each out-of-pocket. Well worth it for him, as he had exhausted all the anti-nausea meds they had thrown at him - the very situation I find myself in now.

As I tried to describe the box that this patch came in, I made a shape equivalent in size to a paperback book with my thumbs and index fingers. He somehow mistook that to mean a very small little circle that goes behind your ear, and I decided that he would never be my partner if we played charades.

At the time I was almost 3 sheets to the wind on those anxiety drugs, so I rolled my glazed over eyes when he wasn't looking and mentally added another mark on my tally of times when medical professionals have failed to listen to me (even when I've using interpretive dance and hand signals that could land a Boeing 777).

If you are visualizing a paperback book when the pharmacist hands you a something that can fit behind your ear, you can be assured that your doctor got it wrong. Again.

I paid $20 for this little thing that my insurance doesn't cover, and come Monday I will hope it is the best $20 I've ever spent. With the nausea now dragging on beyond a week, a girl can dream!

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