And Then I Tripped and Blogged All Over the Place

I had the extremely recent privilege of getting a little cozier in our new home town with an invitation to guest blog on our local Twin Cities Moms Blog (also found on Twitter and Facebook and a few other places where I feel like a socially awkward loiterer when I show up). Guest blogging, for those that don't know, is like having a "guest preacher" at church on Sunday. I'm simply invited to do what I do from someone else's pulpit.

If you're an avid reader of my story, this is simply my very chatty self summing up my life in 1000 words or less. And considering I can't sum up most of my Target trips in 1000 words or less, this is a fairly amazing feat for me.

I also can't answer a yes or no question in a 1000 words or less, but what woman can?

I'm just a glutton for cathartic blogging, sharing my message of gratefulness and helping people put their own lives into perspective. I also love any excuse to sit at my desk and yell "Mommy's working so leave me alone!" like it's a legitimate excuse to ignore my children.

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