Caregiving Dads

Last summer, a week happened in our lives that lit a small fire in Kyle. A seed was created, but he just wasn't sure where to plant it. The simple phrase,"How can I serve you?" uttered by a friend turned out to be a spark that festered inside for close to a year now. He saw love in action. It is a story Kyle has shared when the opportunity presented itself; part of a passion stirring in him to do something more - to do as has been done for him.

In what started as a friend-of-a-friend connection upon his arrival in Minneapolis, Kyle met a fellow dad who was struggling to wear those many hats you're forced to wear when your wife has cancer. And as men can be known to do (or not do), they wear the hats without complaining, or without releasing the necessary burden that comes when your wife is very sick. I've written about the caregiver roll Kyle plays in our own family, and he's obviously not alone.

Then the opportunity to plant that seed emerged, a friendship was formed, a purpose was created and a group emerged.

Most people don't pay attention to the flight attendant giving safety instructions before a flight. We've heard it so many times and assume it will be second nature to us in the event of that crash landing.
And yet here we are on that plane, with the oxygen masks dangling before us and our children (or spouse/partner/parent) are sitting next to us.  

Did you remember to put the mask on yourself before putting it on your children like they told you? Have you ever thought about why they ask you to do it in that order?
As the caregiver, we have a lot on our shoulders. Add raising kids to the mix and we stand out as a very rare club that no one should ever have no join. We have that added responsibility of being super parents, and keeping life as normal as possible while our helpers are too sick to get out of bed. And in the midst of maintaining our careers and our families, we often forget to maintain ourselves.
We come together to share experiences that we can't share with anyone else.  We're not afraid to admit that we're struggling and that being a caregiver can be grueling. As group, we exist to serve caregivers who often forget to take care of themselves. Through this service, we hope to help each other become better leaders, better husbands, better partners, and better dads.  And our first priority is to get better at taking care of ourselves!

An impression was left, an impact was made, and the momentum was started.

Know a dad in the Twin Cities area who might benefit from the company of other men in the caregiver role? Kyle's new group might be just for those who rarely ask for help, but need it the most. 


Anonymous said...

Love this! Praying that many will be touched by you both! We love and miss you guys! Hugs~Steph and fam

Unknown said...

It's ALL because of Robb. I guess I should have dedicated this post to him!