Team Colon Cancer Chick

As some of you who read all the juicy details of my early blogging know, I wrote off some of my obvious symptoms to running. As I like to say, you've never met a constipated runner. Ever. My body was clearly screaming that something was wrong, but most of its screams could be blamed on my having just had a baby and running.

And aside from one attempt where I fell flat on my face thanks to the lingering neuropathy of treatment, I haven't spent that much time since my diagnosis consistently running. I have run here and there, tried my hardest to run on the treadmill and even attempted to run the "10 laps equal a mile" track at our gym. But if there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's monotony.

So indoor running has been nothing short of an epic fail for me.

So what's my excuse now? I'm going to blame the weather on the Arctic tundra we now live on. Considering I trip and fall walking around my own house on a daily basis, trying to do more than walk on the icy roads outside my door would result in disaster.

But have no fear, that snow will melt and the sidewalks will be visible in plenty of time for me and you to hit the pavement and get those large muscle groups ready to run/walk in the 2014 Twin Cities Get Your Rear in Gear 5K. My most loyal bloggers may recall a little post I did about Team Fantasstic running/walking/jogwalking in my honor and in memory of my missing 10 inches of colon 2 years ago. And though it is a nationwide race, I am living in the heart and home of it in the Twin Cities, and am thrilled to finally participate in one event that sums up two things that occupy more of my time than reading People Magazine and changing diapers: working out and colon cancer!

So if you're here and you have a rear and you want to join us, please do. If you are afar, you can still participate as a "virtual runner/walker" and join Team Colon Cancer Chick as we get out there and do it because we CAN.

Do it because you CAN get out of bed.
Do it because you CAN walk.
Do it because you CAN jog.
Do it because you CAN move.
Do it because you CAN.

Click this link to join the team and the cause.

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