2 Years

As I passed my 2 year "cancerversary" a few weeks ago, I wondered if the day was even worth noting; or even celebrating. I pondered any reason to recognize the milestone joyfully since I continue to walk around with the tiny invader still in my body and a future full perpetual chemo and many unknowns.

Perpetual chemo. It sounds like such a drag. But c'est la vie.

I was sitting around in my lazy housewife attire in my pajamas on that afternoon when Lachlan walked up to me. He stood at the edge of the couch and let out a spoiled little whimper, so I picked him up and wrapped him in my blanket. Within minutes he was asleep, and I contemplated carrying him upstairs and putting him in bed. For some selfish reason, I though holding him might be hampering my non-existent agenda.

I decided to sit there and hold him. It's rare these days for my still-very-much-a-baby 3 year old to sleep in my arms. What was my rush to take this moment and exchange it for the freedom to move about my little kingdom?

So I decided that this would be my celebration. I would spend the next 2 hours just holding this baby because I could. Because I CAN. 2 years ago I laid in bed in a daze of tears, wondering if I would even be alive to hold 3 year old Lachlan. On this day, I silently celebrated with him; innocently obviously to what the future holds.


Carrie S. said...

I love those precious moments!

Unknown said...

He has many more left. Especially because he's never moving out. Ever.