Goodbye Little Bottle

And here I sit, on the eve of my last treatment for now. I've somehow managed to make it through another 12 rounds while staying on schedule, much to the thanks of this little bottle.

I know it's not over, since maintenance chemo is still on the playbill. But for now, I'm just looking forward to the break and what comes with it. My body is screaming for it.

I went in for my labs this afternoon, and as expected a shot was needed. One more shot.

The nurse handed me the vial so I could warm it up in my palm while she gathered her supplies. A little warm burns far less than fresh-out-of-the-fridge cold. In the end it didn't matter to me, as the burn of the injection is painful regardless. I still appreciated her gesture. Knowing the maintenance chemo won't drop my blood counts, I had to wonder if it might be the last one I get. Ever. Ever ever.

So I held that little baby tight, knowing it might just be the last time we cross paths in Wonderland. Just maybe.

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