The Whig and Tory Party

National Wig Day finally arrived.

I had to deny myself the opportunity to wear a dress and some patent leather peep toes earlier in the week because the required hat was a total fashion buzz kill. I opted for wedges and a fedora to go with my newly self-cut mullet and looked a little more trendy than I'd hoped.

Another week of evening social outings could not pass by. Happy hour in a hat was getting old. I longed for lush long locks again, even if they previously were on someone else's head or some horse's behind.

Ironically, most people prefer the fake stuff and I have to say I was shocked at how real it looks. A lot more real than it appeared online.

As much as a longed for chunky bangs or changing up my hair color without actually having to change up my hair, I felt most comfortable in my current (or rather former) hair color and a long, slightly stacked bob. Now, to sit back and enjoy some hair that never gets roots, hours I'll never have to spend at the salon and being able to get ready faster than Kyle.

Here are my wigging fails:
Just a little too plain, blah and layered for me.
Though I like the "cut," I found the color a little too one dimensional. Like I got my blond from a box. Oh wait, this did come from a box! I'm so use to having longer hair, so I felt a little naked...says the girl whose head is practically naked.
And the Oscar goes to...
Ahhhhh, back to its original condition.
Bad highlight job and all, this baby is made from fake hair and is woven into a lace cap for a more "real" effect. Fake hair with a fake scalp.  


Carrie S. said...

Looks great!

Karen said...


Sarah DeBord said...

Thanks! She now has bangs and has recently come out of hiding and making public appearances again. For now. Expecting sprouts any day now.