Beauty School Reject

I wasn't putting off the inevitable, but the sad state of my stringy hair had merely become too much to bear. A bulk of it was the wiry, kinky regrowth from last year, so long and silky it was not.

Sure, it was fine under a hat with a thin little pony tail sticking out most of the time. I've been easily surviving that way for the last few months. But even that little pony tail had become overly sad.

Rather than take the buzzers to it, I opted to just take a tiny pair of beard trimming scissors and do my best. Let the hair stylist of the world cringe, but what's left of my hair is not worthy of a real cut.

My initial mission was to take it down a notch to make shaving easier. But until I can secure a wig and some type of hair cover to absorb sweat during Spin class and keep the sun off while wearing a hat on a day to day basis, the hair stays.

The sexiness I've been hiding under my hat. Good thing I'm married to a bald man, so he has no room to complain.

I'm being very brave here in my first post-cut photo. 1. I'm showing you what life without a flat iron looks like. 2. I'm showing you why hair cutting should be left to the professionals. 3. I'm showing you what me without eyelashes looks like.

Not bad from this angle. Just don't ask for a bird's eye view. In the end, this will be easier to get under my new swim cap, as I prepare to train for the 2016 Olympics.


Kensley said...

I have always loved your honesty and humor and today is no different. You are the very face of strength. Hair or no hair, you are still one of the most beautiful women I know.

Unknown said...

You need not flatter a girl who's vanity won't let her out of the house on a non-cancer day without powdering in her eyebrows! You can have cancer and be vain at the same time, but thank you for the ego boost.