Barbershop Quartet

I caught my silhouette in the mirror as I walked through the house in the wee hours this morning. I almost had to laugh at how pathetic my head looked; no better than a feral dog with mange. So like any smart girl who thought a double latte at 7pm was a good idea, I threw out my plans to master a comb over for Halloween and went looking for the hair clippers.

At 2am, the house filled with the sound of buzzers and I bravely went past the point of no return. It gave me an unexpected feeling of relief as I went to town on what was left of my naturally blond hair. I dare say I smiled as I ran my hand across newly sheared head; like I'd been carrying anxiety around in the tips of my stringy mullet and I just let the weight of it fall off my shoulders as the hair fell off my head.

Clearly I've been fooling the world with the naturalness of my blond hair!
For the next few weeks, Kyle can walk around with his shinny head held high, knowing for once he has more hair than me. Then the side-effects will start to wear off and I can quickly remind him of what it actually looks like to grow hair on the top of your head. Enjoy your brief domination, honey, for soon I will actually need things like deep conditioner and hair dryers again!