Wigging Out

The time has finally come.

I was told at my chemo orientation this time that I would loose more hair than I did last year. And for a girl with very thick hair, last year's 30-40% loss was actually really nice. My hair washing, drying and doing process went from about 2 hours down to 30 minutes.

I started combing out chunks a week after my second round this time. I'm now 7 rounds in and dealing with my shedding hair has become a daily chore. I usually spend some quality time over the trash can every morning running my fingers through what's left to rid myself of what's ready to go. I then repeat the process before I take a shower and over the bathroom sink as I comb out my wet hair. It's all in an effort to minimize the hair that may fall out and form little colonies on the floor.

I've been wearing my hair pulled back in a pony tail or French braid for the last few weeks, as it hides the scalp a little better. But even with it pulled back, the slightest part in my hair just screams SCALP and begs the sun to burn it. I've taken to wearing hats every day and even picked up two more fedoras over the weekend. I'm not trying to channel Don Draper, I'm just trying to keep the sun from damaging at least one part of my body.

I haven't decided what's worse. To loose it all at once or to watch it fall out day after day; drawn out over several months. I guess in either situation, you have to face the inevitable one day.

My insurance has been nothing but amazing through all of this. Sure, I pay a nice monthly premium for private insurance, and I have a lovely high deductible to meet. But they have covered every single thing after that. Even the genetic testing I did last year, under the warning that many companies will not pay the hefty fee.

I was thrilled to call and find out that they will reimburse me for my "scalp prosthetic" no matter the price. Not that most of you know the wig industry, but that will enable me to get some higher end hair. Probably even "real hair." I'm not aiming for Beyonce nice, but something very nice for us regular folk.

Will I be rocking my wig as I run into Target for my daily visit to see if there's anything new I never knew I needed on a hot summer day? Probably not. But for the various social occasions, date nights and on non-gym days in air conditioned places where I have to mingle with the general public, probably.

I haven't done it yet, but I'm sure I'll be taking the buzzers to my current hair soon. I think having it really short will make the shedding less annoying, the giant clumps of hair I pull out in the shower less obvious and sweeping more about dirt and less about all the hair on the floor.

And I will be grateful for mascara, for it makes my 19 remaining eye lashes look amazing.

Clearly not a graduate of the Facebook School of Taking Self-Portraits.
Is that a gray I missed plucking?
Scalp. Lots and lots of scalp.

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