18 + 18

18 years ago, my 18 year old self met a girl on the first day I moved into the dorms my freshman year of college. I think we shared our first college meal together in the dining commons, later shared a twin bed for much of the second semester due to a bad roommate situation, shared some misadventures that almost landed us in the dean's office, and shared those formative first years of adulthood and independence.

I was there went she came back to school and told me she met a boy while she was home, who chased after her car to say hello. I was there when they walked down the aisle on that hot summer day, with sweat dripping down my legs. I was there to hold her babies when they were breathing in their first moments of life.

And 18 years later she came here, family in tow, to take care of my family.

I guess that's what roommates do for each other. They share their beds, they share their care packages from home, and they share the love we have for each other's family when the need is there.

They also stay up till 3am during exam week to help you hang out the window and lower an extension cord with an alarm clock attached to the floor below, as payback to the boys who played their music too loud all year.

And they share the joy of cleaning up random toddler vomit on a Monday morning. As I held him over the toilet last week, I couldn't help but smile as I saw her run grab the bleach spray and paper towels and start cleaning up his initial hallway splatter.

And then there's her honey, who look my long honey-do list and humbly did it all in our East Coast humidity. He came here with a mission to take care of the caregiver, who is so often overlooked for the sake of the patient. He came here to relieve Kyle of day-to-day stuff that he pushes aside on the good days; when making the most of family time trumps the garage that needs to be organized, the gate that's been sticking or the edging that gets skipped during a quick mow.

Know that I'm crying just typing this out, Steph and Robb, because it means the world to us that you came here to fill the void last week. You served us in ways you can never know.
Three beach bum buddies.

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Anonymous said...

Now we are all teary!! Lol! You guys are so worth it and I am so thankful that we had the chance to be there for you guys. Thank you for always being there for me and my family and for being an awesome "auntie" to my kids :-) Thankful for all of the fun and crazy adventures we have shared.From NCTO's to freedom rallies and pillow and CD heists to camping and sailing adventures. So many great adventures and last week just added to the many memories. Love you guys!