Finally that Friday

This video has been circulating the popular social hangouts of the internet and I thought it appropriate for my day today. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again. In fact, watch it every single morning for the rest of your life.

I knew regardless of the outcome of my CT scan, I was going to be awesome.

I was going to be AWESOME, after I finished having a complete meltdown.

I was going to be awesome because I was going to take my life, regardless, and make the most of the situation. There is nothing I can do to change it, so I have no excuse.

And in my case, that situation is rather ambiguous. We didn't get the best of news today, but we also didn't get the worst news. Yet.

Today, no one told me I had cancer. So that's good, right? Except that no one told me I didn't have cancer.

The nodule of interest has indeed grown. He was originally 1.6mm at my very first scan back in the day. In November, he was 4.7mm. And today, he comes in at a whopping 7.0mm. Still very tiny, but trying his best to grow.

He also invited some new little friends to the party, but they could just be the result of me hacking my lungs to pieces for 2 weeks over Christmas. They could also be like those kids from the wrong side of the tracks that show up at your preppy party to spoil the fun, like Danny and the T-Birds. Only time will tell.

We won't know official answers for another 3 week, when we meet with my oncologist again. Until then, I have fun things to look forward to like a PET scan and some quality time with a pulmonologist, who will stick a camera down my throat and try to biopsy what's in my lung.

Worst case scenario? I get to go through treatment again. Different treatment, similar side effects. So nausea and vomiting will replace working out and watching Netflix as my top two hobbies.

In the mean time, life will go on as normally as it can and I'll bury any thoughts I have of a sequel to last year. That's already a challenge with the calendar quickly filling up with appointments and shuffling the kids all over town to be looked after.

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Carrie S. said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't gotten answers, yet. That really sucks! We will be praying for strength and good news on 3/1!