Running with Neuropathy

I used my master detective skills and Googled "running with neutopathy" early on in my treatment.

Because neuropathy seemed to be the one lingering side effect that so many people complained of, I was looking for some first hand testimony. Google failed me then and continues to fail me now on so many levels. I think I might be ready to break up. I've been dating a little someone special on the side called Bing, and am thinking I might be Binging everything I need to know in the near future.

There was no doubt when treatment ended that I had trouble feeling my fingers and toes and the bottoms of my feet. But hey, was I going to let that stop me from getting my groove back? No excuses for this girl, people! If I can do it with numb feet, anyone can do it!

I don't mean that. If you can't feel your feet, do not try running. Even if you can feel your feel, I know a few of you that should probably avoid running unless being chased.

I figured Spinning would be safe, as my feet were strapped into cycling shoes and clipped into pedals. Who needs to feel feet when they're locked in?

But apparently running with neuropathy is still a little questionable. I've been heading out for a few miles here and there, taking baby steps back onto the pavement. I'm even trying to make peace with the treadmill. And based on what happened a few weeks ago, perhaps I should take something smaller than baby steps or even heed my own advice and stay home.

Or maybe I just shouldn't look down at my Garmin while running on broken sidewalks with feet I can't feel?

Thanks Google, but I answered my own damn question. How does one run with neuropathy? Apparently very carefully.
For some reason, this photo doesn't do the sight of it or the pain justice. I'm just grateful for that last minute decision to wear capris over shorts. I'm also thankful for Advil and ice packs.

I don't think I've fallen flat on my face in at least 6 months as an adult.

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Carrie S. said...

Yikes! Feel better soon. On my first day back to work after maternity leave for Zack, I tripped on something in the garage trying to get to the car and completely ate my sh*t. Skinned my knee (it tore through my pants) and everything. I remember thinking - when was the last time I skinned my knee - seriously!? lol.