Only 13 More Years

Yep, still a large mouth bass.
I have yet to find a boarding school for preschoolers, so Merrick was stuck excited to return to his school for the start of his Pre-K year.

I'm hoping that my tires didn't leave marks on the road as I sped out of the parking lot, throwing caution to the wind and blaring explicit music.

I love him dearly, but he is exhausting. My parents just throw their heads back and laugh as karma has presented me with the incarnation of my younger, chattier, high-maintenance self.

And when I ask him why he must talk so much and demand so much of me, he so sweetly says it's because he "has so many questions."

And then I feel mommy guilt.

As Rex said in the first Toy Story: "Great, now I have guilt!"

Yep, still pigeon-toed.

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