My Other Children

If my PICC is my third child, my garden has become my fourth through twentith. Or make that twenty-one so I can one up Michelle Dugger.

I check on them multiple times I day. I feed them. I talk to them. I photograph them. I love them.

I've never successfully grown anything in my life. I've even killed a cactus. So during this draining period of my life, I find the garden to be such a source of life for me, both literally and figuratively.

It's joined the other aspects of the outside that have become my therapy. While I am on a mission to kill what's on the inside of me, I thrive seeing my mission to grow on the outside.

The start of a beautiful relationship that has since turned into an out-of-control party. Those cherry tomatoes are crazier than a frat boy on spring break. Clearly the craziest of all my tomato children.
Cherry tomatoes by the millions. Millions!
First spaghetti squash.
Baby zucchini.

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Wow! You must of been hiding that green thumb of yours! Your garden looks great!