Round Ocho

It's Tuesday morning and for the first time in days I woke up feeling normal. When you feel normal, it makes the idea of tackling only four more rounds seem inspirational.

Because you're probably getting the general idea after the previous 7 rounds, I'll give you my week-in-summary in 40 words or less: round 8, nausea pill, sleep, sleep, nausea pill, Bravo TV marathon, sleep, Nordstrom Half-Yearly while half-awake, nausea pill, nap, Neupogen shot, blood work, Man Store, 3 month follow up with surgeon, Chick-fil-A.

Merrick accompanied me for most of the day yesterday and I'm not going to dip into my subsiding anger and go into details, but Chick-fil-A was his reward for surviving 3.5 hours in the waiting room at my surgeon's office with dead iPhone and iPod batteries. You can lecture me about rewarding my kid with food later. Even a grown man should be rewarded with food after what we endured.

Come July, Chick-fil-A will be my reward when they start making those seasonal peach milkshakes.
Ironically, he asked why someone left their basket of dirty clothes behind (basket of volunteer-knitted beanies for those that lose their hair) but never noticed the wigs sitting on the table next to him. And yes, I do believe he was picking his non-existent boogers as usual.
Narcissist or supermodel. Is there a difference?
Man Store glory!

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Anonymous said...

You've been on my mind lately. Just signed on hoping to see an update. So very happy to hear that you woke up this morning feeling normal=) I would have watched Merrick, all you have to do is ask. Hang in there, Sarah, you are in the home stretch!