Delay of Game

I'm sitting at home on my couch and not in a recliner today. I did sit in one this morning, but not long enough to get treatment. Just long enough to find out my platelet count had continued to drop from last week's plunge and my neurophils, those silly little neurophils, just can't hang.

Round 7 has been bumped.

I wasn't shocked in the least given the results of last week's marathon of blood work. My only conflict to the delay would be missing a very special tea party to which I have been invited to next week by a very small boy. Merrick beamed with such excitement when he handed me the tea cup invitation and was so proud to invite me to attend.  I know he would be disappointed if he had to substitute another mommy because I was sick. He's so very aware of me being sick and going away for days at a time. The idea of missing out on some special time with him because of treatment would break my heart.

He's recently told me that once I'm done getting "my special medicine," he wants Memaw to go back to Texas. I was surprised, as he was practically ready to pack her bag and take her to the airport. The more I dug, the more I discovered his reasoning. As long as Memaw is here, Mommy is sick. If Memaw leaves, then Mommy is all better. So as much as he'd love for her to live here forever, in his mind her presence equals my absence.

Like most little boys, Merrick has never had a tea party, so I'm not sure what he's thinking this will be. I hope he's not expecting a political rally.

In the meantime, let's go back to that pricey recliner and my blood work. When my nurse showed me the low numbers, I told her my only disappointment in skipping until next week was that it would force me to miss this tea party. While she went to talk to my doctor, I told myself I'd just have to suck it up and try and make it. I am usually able to open my eyes by Fridays during the treatment cycle, so I'd just have to make sure I had enough chutzpah, a shower and nausea meds in me to suffer through for the sake of my loving spawn.

This is where having a new (and female and sweet and understanding and caring) nurse comes in to play. My doctor said I could just take my treatment next week, but she put in a request that I skip that for the sake of all non-political tea parties being held in honor of Mother's Day and move my next treatment to two weeks from today.

He approved without an issue or concern.

Yes, it's best to keep chemo on schedule, but for a little boy who would remember the disappointment of his mom not being there, I'm willing to skip the extra week. Though I don't want to have any regrets about chemo, I more importantly don't want to have any regrets in making memories with my kids. My nurse also reminded me that because I'm doing this for "preventative" reasons, the extra week really won't hurt me that bad.

So now I have two weeks off. No booster shots. No blood work. Just me and my bone marrow making some white blood cell love on our own. Boom-chica-wow-wow. Might even be able to put on a couple pounds, too! I'm going to continue packing in the whole food and getting a little vitamin D with our glorious weather in hopes that it helps.

I can't offer you any oncology fun photos from this morning, but I can show you what it looks like when blue is the color of the month around here. Every month at school is represented by a different color and every Wednesday the kids in Merrick's class dress in those colors. They then graph how much blue each little friend is wearing and the girls always win because they can accessorize! To be fair, Merrick's teacher is now allowing Band-Aids and temporary tattoos to count as accessories.

But for me, this means WAR on all those decked out little girls with cute ribbons in their hair! Merrick has a closet full of blue and we are on a mission. A mission to WIN!

The only snarky comment I got out of him this morning, after turning him and his hair into the coolest kid in his preschool:

'"This is dark blue. I wish is was light blue because light blue is my favorite color. This blue is just boring."

What? Your "Coolest Mom Ever" just gave you a Mohawk and blue hair and that's boring? Wait till you show up next Wednesday with blue nail polish and blue hair! Then who's going to be the boring one?

Little Boy Blue. Head to toe.

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Anonymous said...

Love the post! The hair rules! You are a super cool mom! Deborah