Noonday Collection

A couple of weeks ago, while cruising through the LOFT, I picked up a bracelet I liked but had to ask myself, do I really want to pay $25 for something I know was made in China for chump change? My head starts to turn the numbers as I realize the profit margin and I put the thing down. It just doesn't seem rational to pay that much for something worth so little.

In other words, I'll wait for it to go on sale.

I still desired a bracelet of its liking, but I bumped it down on my list.

Then I logged on to catch up with Skinny Runner last week and found her plugging away for a site called Noonday Collection.

I like Skinny Runner as she runs and is pretty entertaining. She also lives in SoCal, so I like to taunt myself with homesickness and the perfect weather she gets to run in and dress for almost every day.  Dressing in SoCal rarely requires Uggs, parkas, beanies, gloves, fleece or humidity resistant hair and extra deodorant in your center console.

I fell in love with Noonday Collection immediately. Not just with the long list of accessories I now wanted or a certain bracelet that would satisfy where the LOFT left off - but I fell in love with their back story and mission.

They weren't selling factory products made in China. They were selling handmade goods created by people from third world countries and bought for a Fair Trade price. Getting a Fair Trade price means most of these people are now able to support themselves and their families far beyond their expectations. And in a third world country, it doesn't take much to exceed your expectations. It means there are no sweat shops or forced child labor and people being misused for their talents. It means that you can end up with some amazing handcrafted pieces at the same price point as anything you'd find at the mall, pressed out in some machine.

If you aren't hip to what Fair Trade is, you clearly don't move around in the world of Trader Joe's or Starbucks coffee much. I'll leave it to you to investigate it more.

So I'm not only falling in love with unique handmade pieces from all over the world, I'm falling in love with the idea that each of these pieces will help change someone's life and their future.

In reading their stories, people are now able to live with a roof over their heads, give their children an education, have the self-respect that earning a solid living brings and be appreciated for what they can create.

And how can I not be touched by their heart and help for adoption. Need I remind everyone of my colorfully blended family and that little Haitian I'm still trying to convince Kyle to let me pursue in my other, cancer-free life.

As my wish list grows longer, may I send you on your way to be inspired by their artisans and may I remind my husband of my login and password to said wish list tonight.


Yes, please!

Honey, how did you know?



Great Site. Another one is greatergood.com...try it..you might like it. 8)

Sister Woody said...

Me likey! Especially Global Girlfriend...for my need to accessorize despite my inability to really accessorize.