My You Look Purdy Today

Feeling a little greasy up top? Just don't feel like deep conditioning that mop today? Want to look cute while sweating? Wish you could coordinate while burning calories? Have a large collection of those rubber-lined headbands that don't stay on? Want to take bedhead to the next fashionable level? Just want to throw in the towel and give up washing your hair like I did last week?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then have I got the solution for you.

Sometimes I like to spice up my chemo routine with a little sparkle.

And sometimes I like that extra feminine touch when I'm bombarding my body with chemicals other than hair dye, age spot correcting serums, Diet Coke, teeth whitener and nail polish remover.

Thanks to a magical velvet under layer, Purdy Bands stay in place no matter your activity. Half-marathon tested, date night worthy and a sure fire way to turn your average ponytail into a specular up do.

They're made by an amazing stay-at-home-mom with the same gentle loving care that she gives to her angelic and obedient children. Angelic children who probably didn't just spend the last 10 minutes obsessively telling her everything she never wanted to know about Walking Sticks and insisting that we must go outside right now and check every single tree on our entire earth until we find one and let it walk on our arm. Angelic children who probably recognize when their mom has a blank stare on her face while typing blogs and just walk away. Angelic children who manage to talk without spraying her with spit.

I love me some Purdy Bands. You will, too. Check out the link in to the right to see how addicting they can get.

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