Helpful Hints: Ensalada

I'd say I'm pretty good about eating healthy and balanced and getting a lot of whole foods in. But since this whole chemo thing kicked in, I've made even more of an effort to increase the amount of whole food going in for the sake of nutrition. And the simplest way quite simply is the salad. Simply.

Thanks to one of the more common side-effects, things don't often stick around for very long, so I've got to make the most of what's going in. Who knows if it's really in there long enough for any nutrients to get sucked out. In reality, it shouldn't take chemo or cancer or my love of flushable toddler wipes to make want me to make every bite count.

In the end, we can all admit that making a salad heavy in whole food goodness can involve a little bit of manual labor, right? So busting out one for lunch every day is a heavy commitment, right? All that chopping and slaving away, yeah?

One night during dinner prep, I found myself chopping everything and putting it in a bowl apart from the lettuce. There are some people in our family who do not like cucumbers. And there are others who think mushrooms are a nasty little fungus because they are a nasty little fungus. So by mixing it all together in a bowl I figured it would be easier for everyone to pick out what they didn't like rather than picking through a bowl of salad. I also think it had something to do with picking a bowl that was too small to hold it all.

We ended up with leftovers and it made eating a salad for lunch the next day a no-brainer. Then that light bulb I wear above my halo went off.

I'm now making the effort to chop all that wholesomeness in mass every few days and have my ready-to-eat salad toppings in the fridge at all times. It makes eating a salad so easy and so much more of my go-to choice for lunch.
Several days worth ready to go, minus the nasty mushrooms.
This never gets old.
I top it with some type of seeds or nuts because that's just so Paleo of me, a giant wad of goat's cheese because I am willing to hurt someone if it means me getting me some goat's cheese and I'm good to go.

Now go, be healthy and eat something whole today.


SheliaCarter said...

...so! When you start your own cooking show, I don't think "CCC" is gonna make folks tune in! You've gotta' come up with a more appetizing title that somehow communicates the "whole foods" ingredients! :) Seriously, this is a great idea! Praying for you, your counts, and your tummy a whole lot! Shelia

Sister Woody said...

Thanks, Shelia.
I am no foodie or reader of cookbooks. And I'm sure they'd kick me off of most cooking shoes since I'd turn my nose up and half the things they cook. People eat what's convenient and easy, which is why processed and fast food is always the perfect solution. I have just made having a salad convenient and easy. Speaking of which, it's lunch time and I need to go chop, chop, chop!

StephanieCulp said...

Looks so yummy!