Dear Easter Bunny

Merrick slept with his letter to Santa under his pillow the entire month of December.

While backing out of the driveway a few weeks ago, I saw this in his window.

He asked me to help him write a letter to the Easter Bunny. He wanted a bubble gun. At that time, the Easter Bunny had sworn off adding anything else to the already overstuffed little basket.

Then the Easter Bunny saw this note, so innocently placed in a window, and had to oblige.

"Merrick, did you put that letter in the window?"

"Yeah, I wanted the Easter Bunny to see it and read it when he was hopping around at night."

Well thought through and creative, little buddy. I'm sure the Easter Bunny can find a little bit more real estate for a bubble gun. Or better yet, the Easter Bunny can just get a bigger basket.

And where does the Easter Bunny find a bubble gun? At Target of course. The Easter Bunny dreads finding excuses to hop in to Target.

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