I'm live blogging direct from my luxury recliner made of vinyl. First class all the way for me, baby! Maybe it is leather, but the color is so horrendous that I'm just going to pretend that they didn't waste a perfectly good cow hide on this.

A lovely shade of teal.
Round 6 is underway and I am trying very hard to suppress that psychosomatic nausea I suffer from. I'm hooked up to my anti-nausea meds now and hoping they work on my brain more than my stomach. I mentioned it to my nurse and she confirmed that I'm not the only one who suffers from it. Apparently she's heard many a patient say they start feeling nauseated the minute they walk in this joint. Forget walking in the door, I get nauseated when I see this building from the freeway. It's a good thing Target is a whole mile away or I'd feel sick walking in to that magical place and we can't have that now can we?!?!

So I'm not crazy! Nausea is the tie that binds we chemoholics together! I'm eyeballing a local trash can in the meantime, and distracting myself with a blog.

We met with my oncologist this morning, and despite my blood counts being totally normal on Friday, he wants me to get a Neupogen shot on Friday when I get disconnected from my pump, and again on Sunday. I think his desire is to help my counts stay up so that I can keep on that optimal two week schedule I'm determined to keep. Apparently they're not bouncing back as quickly as he'd like, so the shot will help inspire them to not be so lazy. 

I guess I'll take one for the team and give up any wild plans I had for Friday night, like sitting on the couch with my eyes closed while Merrick explains the solar system to me. I'm not kidding. Not only will he explain it to me, he'll do it 3 inches from my face, using his outside voice and spraying me with spit.

Last week, while taking a nap on the couch, I told him that when my eyes were closed it meant I couldn't hear him. He didn't get the hint and instead interpreted that to mean he needed to turn up the volume. No Merrick, you never need to turn up your volume.

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Carrie S. said...

"That puts them boys on rock, rock"
Thanks - now I have that song stuck in my head! ;-)