Run Because You CAN

Nike nailed it with "Just Do It!"

Beth nailed it with "Shut Up and Run!"

I nailed it as my own personal motivational speaker when I finally started running again after surgery. It was hard on the ol' ego to go out and struggle to run only 2 miles. Not only struggle, but see that I'd added almost 2 minutes to my pace.

I came home a beaten women. In 2 months had I lost that much of my edge?

But then I reminded myself of what I'd been through over the last 2 months. My body had been used and abused and cut open. It had been beaten up and left on the side of the road, stripped of parts. My insides were waging a battle against the evil enemy and I had no clue.

When I went out to run again, I had to channel my own inspirational mantra and use it on myself.  I had to remind myself that I was running because I CAN. I remembered the weeks of laying in bed and writing "CAN'T." It may not be my fastest or easiest or my best or my happiest, but I was doing it and it got easier and faster.

Every time I climb on the elliptical, step on to the treadmill, walk out the door with my Garmin or lay down on my yoga mat, I remind myself that there are drugs running through my body that are telling me I CAN'T and I SHOULDN'T and I WON'T.

But my body and my mind are stronger than those drugs and I will show them who runs this show.

Mostly. Kinda.

Well, at least for 8 glorious days every other week. I know I don't have this same attitude toward life during the craptastic days of the chemo coma, so I'm going to harness that infectious perkiness now!

It doesn't matter how far, how hard, how easy, how unmotivated, how much you're not feeling it. You do it because you CAN and you know when it's over you'll feel all the greater for it.

There. That's better.

I just pep talked myself into my running clothes.

I try to do a lot of things every day with my new "because I CAN" attitude. It works wonders.

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