The Price is Right

Can you really put a price on life?

Better yet, how expensive can it really be to sit in a Lay-Z-Boy for 4 hours and read about Taylor Swift's newest pair of shoes?

Swallow that sip of coffee you just took, because it can be pricey!

I hadn't even had my morning cup-o-tea when I opened yesterday's mail from my insurance provider. It was an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), which you might know as the letter explaining what your insurance has been billed for, what they will cover, what their negotiated rates with your provider are and for how much you ultimately will be billed. For me, it's like the warning signal of mail to come.

Though my deductible is higher than average, I easily met it early on this year with CT scans, blood work, genetic testing and that colonoscopy. Actually, I think I met it with just that $3000 genetic testing. Otherwise I might have spit out some four letter words along with that cup-a-tea when I saw this.

And that's just my first treatment. I'm going to get 11 more EOBs just like this.

Grateful for insurance. Never again will I complain about my high premium or even higher deductible.

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