The Newly Reinvented

Things are a changin' and a growin' and it's not just because it's Spring.

I'm going to come out and brake a lot of hearts when I tell you I did not graduate with a degree in web design, so don't knock my creation. There was no such thing as the Internet back in the day and some of us had to go to the library to find information in things called books. I can remember popping that disk out of my external disk drive on my PowerBook 100 and walking all the way to the computer lab in the basement of the library to get it printed.

This is the part where my dad starts telling me to be quiet because he had to type all his papers through his post-grad on a typewriter that didn't have auto correct. And then he had to walk through campus in bare feet through the snow because there was no such thing as a car.

What I'm saying is I fully appreciate the Internet and thank Al Gore every day for inventing it.

I digress.

In conjunction with Team Colon Cancer Chick taking part in the Twin Cities Get Your Rear in Gear, Sister Woody is turning into the one and only Colon Cancer Chick.

I'm branding myself.

When this whole tumor thing first appeared on the monitor (literally), I couldn't envision myself identifying as someone with cancer or an eventual cancer survivor. Denial may not be a river in Egypt, but it's a river somewhere and I was clearly canoeing down it.

But here I am, working my way miserably through treatment and admitting that I am undeniably one of them, I'm just trying very hard not to look the part. I'm trying to do it as fashionably and fitfully and  normally and healthfully as one can when there are now more days without mascara or eyebrows than days with.

Team Colon Cancer Chick will be my first big marketing campaign so to speak. I'm not out to change the world of cancer, but maybe out to fill in a gap that I found missing when I got diagnosed. And blasting my name and blog address all over some willing participants at an event specifically for colon cancer and running sounds like the perfect place to do it!

After all, I am running with colon cancer, right?

No need to change your bookmarks all you junkies. Sister Woody is alive and well and the original link will always take you to the right place. But in the next few days, the World Wide Web will finally acknowledge coloncancerchick.com and I will be well on my way to world domination my new found raison d'etre!

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