That stellar blood work is starting to show signs of weakness. The troops are starting to fatigue!

I'm under threat of pharmaceutical intervention as one particular number drops. Because what my body needs is more drugs, right? Fight drugs with drugs! It's a win-win for Big Pharma! In my attempts to get it up the au natural way, I'm popping the pills and eating my veggies! I just can't get enough of those tasty orange-shaped gummy candies vitamin Cs!

From the powerful research I've been doing Googling, I've read that a shot may be my only hope. But I've also read that more vitamin B-6, B-12, folate, eggs, greens and 2 cups of green tea a day may help. Sister-in-law and vitamin expert Tressa has recommended some vitamin B-1 and I am actively seeking any other suggestions.

The problem is mother nature may not be able to fight the mighty power of the evil chemo! It's clearly kicking my butt up and down the street.

So I may meet with failure tomorrow when I go in for my next CBC (complete blood count), and I may have to take the walk of shame over to the shot clinic (a little alcove where you can get all sorts of fun shots to boost your numbers), but I will keep trying to fight this flunk on my own.

Neutrophils are the most common type of white blood cells. They are the first on the scene of an accident and eat up pathogens (naughty germs). Once they eat them, they explode into a "net of fibers" that can then trap other bacteria like a spider web. And when one lives in the preschool cesspool petri dish of germs, they need all the Spider-man web shooting power they can get.

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