Flunky Flunk Flunkerson

Today is was suppose to be treatment number five. Numba five.

Kyle and I got all dolled up and headed in for my four hours in the recliner. I tried my best to suppress the anxiety towards my future battle with nausea and was stoic as I sat in the chair waiting for the nurse to come in with my newly improved blood work. Surely all my vitamin taking and whole food eating and booster shot getting would do the trick!

But much to my surprise, those magical shots last week didn't exactly do their job and my silly little neutrophils continued to drop. Everything else was up, but the neutrophils were down, down, down.

Another shot of Neupogen today, tomorrow and Friday and hopefully I can be back on track next week. Though I appreciate the extra week off, chemo is most useful when delivered on schedule. After we left, they called to say the doctor actually wants to see me next week before my next round. As much as I want to ask him a million questions about future steps we might take, I feel a little like it's being called to the principal's office for bad behavior. Damn that blood for being naughty!

It also means I probably won't be feeling so hot for Easter, so the bunny will be stuffing eggs and getting Easter baskets ready a few days in advance. If I look slightly ill in our Easter photos, you'll know why.

My nurse wasn't too informative, but I did ask if my battle to fend off the stomach flu and cold virus this past weekend may have helped ruin their chances of revival. Maybe they were just too overloaded with those E. coli proteins from the boosters and the strawberry splatter I was cleaning off the hallway walls.

I'm currently sitting in quarantine at my mother's house. Partly because that's the usual plan now after treatment, but mainly because I need to get as far away from the House of Sickness as possible. It's by the grace of God that I escaped unscathed! I also now know that the Neupogen will have me feeling pretty special by mid-afternoon and I will just want to lay on the couch in undisturbed silence. Sick, needy, cuddly babies Four year olds don't let mommies lay on couches in undisturbed silence. Wait, four year olds don't let mommies do anything undisturbed.

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