Dehydration and Revisions

Not So Hot post-fluids. Eyebrows were the least of my worries.
At 3:30am Friday morning, I woke up and was certain the Vomit Fairy had found me. Still in quarantine at my mother's house, I was no where near my nausea meds. I wondered if they would even help in the case of the all powerful Fairy.

Apparently bathing in hand sanitizer and cleaning the house top to bottom in bleach was not enough to keep her away.

I laid in bed wishing it away for hours.

My heart was also pounding out of my chest and my resting heart rate was over 100, twice its normal rate. I checked it again around 6:30am and it was still going crazy. I texted Kyle and told him to reschedule my morning booster shot for the afternoon. There was no way I was moving.

When the doctor and nurse got wind of the accelerated heart rate, they wanted to see me. That meant I was moving indeed.

With a great team effort, I got my nausea meds from home, they worked and I was reluctantly on my way to the oncology office again. Again. Again. Again. I have such dread for that place and all it represents.

My heart rate and blood pressure were definitely up and the doctor said it was due to dehydration. I even got an odd sad face and hug from a random nurse when she saw my heart rate. That scared me a little bit. Did she know something I didn't?

Back to that dehydration. There's that little side effect from these booster shots I haven't mentioned. The one that actually had Kyle flip a u-turn as soon as we pulled out of my mother's drive way on the way to the doctor. The one that left me sprinting in her front door. What goes in comes out very suddenly and very quickly if you know what I mean. Not an ideal outcome for someone trying to keep weight on. Though that's a normal side effect from chemotherapy, it's one I had yet to experience until I started getting these Neupogen booster shots. It didn't help that my mother only had 1-ply toilet paper in her bathroom. I had to sneak down to the half bath in the middle of the night and steal the flushable Kandoo wipes she keeps for Merrick. It was my saving grace.

When I went in on Wednesday for what was suppose to be my fifth round, I climbed on the old school sliding scale and noticed the person before me weighed twice as much. That's not saying much considering I'm technically underweight right now. But it left me wondering if that person was getting the same dosage of chemo and boosters as I was. Did my weight have anything to do with how my body tolerating this experience?

The doctor said dosage was given based on height and weight, so I can't blame that.

So Friday I got my third booster and some IV fluids to help with the dehydration. I was still feeling totally craptastic when I went back to quarantine at my mother's house and she made a midnight run for some Imodium. My miserable self slept a solid 11 hours and woke up feeling normal again.

We also walked away with a new plan of action. Next Wednesday I will get my delayed fifth round of Chemo. My white blood counts were nice and high yesterday after that third shot, so I'm good to go for then.

I'll get disconnected from my pump on Friday and will go in on Saturday and get a shot of something called Neulasta. Like Neupogen, it's a white blood cell booster. I think it will have the same side effects, so I'm guessing the Easter bunny is going to be very unenthusiastic this year. He might just dump all those eggs in a pile in the middle of the yard and tell Merrick to go to town.

Though it's not the best possible scenario, I'm going to start getting chemo every three weeks instead of every two weeks. I'm not sure if this will be temporary or permanent, but based on the way my blood counts drop, it may be the way it is. Every two weeks is ideal and most effective, so that definitely leaves me feeling defeated. Before this journey started, my body was so strong and healthy. Now I just feel sickly and weak and out of control.

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