Merrick has wanted to do this for a long time. And yesterday we found ourselves at the right place, with the right number of responsible adults and the right amount of cash between us.

I was the only grown up who didn't have a good excuse when Merrick asked someone to do it with him. He already knows that everything in life is more fun when you do it with friends! Another life lesson on his long journey to being a frat boy.

It ended up being some good mother-son bonding and I continued to cement my future as one of the "fun moms." I just don't plan on consuming a giant naughty cinnamon roll from Bergey's right before I jump again. Excuse me while I belch. Kyle now believes me when I saw I don't do roller coasters because, belch, they make me sick.

Man, I look so tall here. I'm about half-an-inch shy of petite, so let me enjoy finally being 5'9".
This boy is ready for launch!
Bounce, boy, bounce!
He will be Kyle's fearless roller coaster riding buddy in about 5 more inches.
He's crazy. I was screaming like a little school girl when she launched me this high.
Basking in my tall moment.

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