Bloody Hell You Bloody Boogers

Another plate of side effects coming right up!

This one isn't shocking considering I had a bit of a bloody nose with both pregnancies. And with chemo, there's a bit of blood thinning that can lead to cuts being bloodier or bruises looking horrendously violent. Good thing I'm not even remotely klutzy!
I really am trying to be gross and show off Kyle's wax job at the same time.
My definition of a bloody nose is not a full on nose bleed as I've never had one of those.

My version is bloody snot and bloody tissues. Lots of bloody tissues. You won't find me jumping up in the middle of 30 Rock and running to the bathroom holding my nose. No head between the knees or tipping my head back or whatever you do to stop that crazy massacre of the sinuses.

It takes several tissues and baby wipes to get my schnoz cleaned out several times a day. And I know better than to start cleaning up the mess before I get out of bed. That means no fingers in the nose without a tissue or it's going to come out ugly.

Everyone picks their nose, so stop acting like you don't. Nobody is "holier than thou" in the booger department. It's what you do with them that counts.

It's become so frequent that I check the mirror before walking out the door to see if a little stealth drippage is trying to make its way out in time to embarrass me at preschool pick-up. Today I caught it trying to sneak out and took a photo, because a blog is far more fun with photos, right?

You can flatter me later on my amazing pores. They are compliments of the Biore Pore Strips. Still a personal favorite after all these years.

And if I don't have a mirror handy, I have Merrick. He apparently stares up my nostrils so intently all the time that he usually points it out before I notice.

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