Because You Keep Asking

I'm going to follow up my last blog about carrying each other's burdens with a unabashed plug on behalf of an amazing mom who's working hard to carry my burden. Or at least distribute it amongst those can help.

Want to help but don't know how?

Live far, far, far away in Neverland and wondering what you can do?

I'm going to step off my pedestal and be shameless here for the next few paragraphs. Shameless Garth Brooks style!

There is an amazing mom, Megan, who is making it her mission to insure the mommy-less Woody clan has a meal for the first three nights after my treatment every other week. With 7 more treatments, you can do the math. Lord knows I can't!

She's not only organizing moms locally, but has even gotten an out-of-state sponsorship for a meal from another amazing Stroller Striding mama who moved to California last year. What? Carrying my burden all the way in California? Next Friday, she'll pick up that already prepared meal from Save Thyme Gourmet to Go and drop it off at our house.

I'll be home by that night, so there's a very good chance she'll see me without mascara, rocking some greasy hair and will live to tell! I hear photos of my without my eyebrows are going for a good price these days.

She's organizing it all on a great site called Take Them a Meal and is more than happy to coordinate taking us a meal even if you can't. You don't have to be a mom and you don't have to run with a jogger to qualify for this great deal.

Friends and family from all over the country have asked, wished and wanted to help and I am merely providing them with this vessel. Megan's number is on that link and you can feel free to call or text her if you want to sign up or sponsor a night. You can also email her at mewithers424@yahoo.com.

See, I was shameless.

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