Virginia is for Lovers

Merrick and I headed down to cheer on our mommy running friends and check out the latest in Valentine running fashion at the Virginia is for Lovers 14K. No holiday race is complete without those few brave souls who take holiday running attire to the next level.

We were in desperate need of a Mommy/Merrick date day to make up for a trying week of head butting, patience testing and four year old induced Chinese water torture.

Unfortunately, Merrick not only inherited my looks, but he also got my dashing and impressive personality. Kyle is so lucky. One of us is manageable. Two of us can get ugly. All that incessant talking, hardened opinions and infinite knowledge of all subjects can make for some parenting disasters.

I was a good day to reconnect at an event I knew he'd enjoy. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to Target. Shocking, I know. Someone should give me a medal for that!
"Mom, I can't wait till I'm 'growed' up enough to run this race with you."
Looking a little cold after I made him walk about 2 miles.
Freezing Cupid.
Sitting at the mile 8 marker.
To Port-a-Potty or not to Port-a-Potty? Apparently he doesn't have to ask himself that question.
Cheap date.

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