European Man Purse

For the last 4 years, the only pump in my life made me feel like a cow.

Thanks to 5 days on my exotic tropical all-inclusive vacation in the hospital, my mammary glands were forgotten and Lachlan moved on to milkier pastures. All the best as it would be inevitable with chemo in my future.

Goodbye that pump. Hello this pump.

I get disconnected from my chemo-in-a-bag and get immediately hooked up to my chemo-in-a-box. A box that I wear in my European Man Purse. A box that is hardly an inconvenience since it sleeps in the middle of the bed, doesn't shed and doesn't have bad dreams.

Walking around with the pump isn't much of a burden because there's not much walking to be done during those first 48 hours after my infusion. He just comes over for a slumber party and we take him home when it's all over.

So cuddly. He's like a big teddy bear!
Returning to the real world and waiting for the end.
"Low" just means it's almost time to return to the real world.
Glorious. It can only go up from here. Until next time.

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