Bloody Good Time

I go for blood work every week for now. They're checking my "complete blood count" or CBC, since chemo is known to essentially ruin all things good and pure about our blood. At least my blood.

Gotta make sure my stellar numbers stay stellar.

And like any good restaurant or popular lab, they give you a pager while you wait. Beats yelling out your name on a busy day. Sometimes this place has a longer line than the ladies room at a Tim McGraw concert.

At least these get cleaned all the time. Can't say that about the dirty ones at restaurants.
 And this is a one-stop shop. Give blood and 10 minutes later you have your results in hand. Literally.

And I got an A+ at the top of my report. Still stellar after all these years weeks. I told Kyle it must be because I'm popping the gummy vitamin Cs like they're candy. Because they are candy.

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