Team Minnestoa

Sometimes you have to wonder if this blog is about my family, my colon or all my running buddies.

Well this post is about all three!.

I love my (Minnesota) family!

I love my colon!

I love my running buddies!

Get Your Rear in Gear is based in the lovely Bloomington, Minnesota. Home to the Mall of America and in the backyard of some of my favorite residents of the Twin Cities. They organize 5K run/walks across the country to help raise awareness and funds for the Colon Cancer Coalition. And on May 20th, they are hosting an event in Minneapolis.

One of my best friends and favorite Minnesotans, Gina Paseka, has formed Team Colon Cancer Chick for the Twin Cities Get Your Rear in Gear 5K. She misses my sigmoid colon almost as much as I do and will walk, run and have fun as she leads the team to raise money for the Colon Cancer Coalition.

Live in the Twin Cities area and interested in getting your rear in gear? Don't live anywhere near Minnesota but looking for any excuse to go there like me? Gina would love to have you and your rear on the team!

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